BestBear Soviet 2WD sidecars

Exclusive and more reliable

Buying one of our machines will mean that you‘ll own a driven sidecar combination that as a model was the choice of the Soviet-Russian Armed Forces. And since you can not order them by the dozen because we don’t (re)build them that way, these two-wheel driven sidecar combinations will allways stay items a lot more exclusive than most others, technically better and more reliable now than they ever have been.

The only other sidecar outfits which have both a driven sidecar wheel and a lockable differential are the German Zündapp KS750 and BMW R75, the French Gnome Rhône AX2 and the Belgian FN M12 and Sarolea H; nowadays all highly valued World War II collectables fetching prices of several tens of thousands of Euros.
During World War II Norton also built a driven sidecar for the British Army but that didn’t have a differential so the sidecar drive had to be engaged or disengaged, quite like the current Urals.

Permanent sidecar drive through a differential device which does not have to be disengaged for road use (quite unlike the current Urals) makes steering on road surface a lot easier in comparison with a conventional non-driven sidecar. A driven sidecar in rough terrain gives you unexpected posibilities, so you can go almost anywhere (and come back again...).

Taking all this into account, our sidecar driven Dneprs offer unique and exclusive capabillities for far less the cost than their World War II counterparts they share their features with. In our opinion the value is in the fun of the riding, rather than in the catalogue price of any vehicle of your choice… and who knows what value of Soviet 2WD sidecars - a heritage of another era gone by - will do in future.

After our upgrades we ride the BestBear sidecars as a test for at least 500 kilometers (about 300 miles) to make sure they are in a reliable working order. When being sold they have passed our test with good result.


Official documents

When sold outside the Netherlands there will still be an official motorcycle export document from the Dutch RDW (state department for road traffic) and the then invalid Dutch license. We provide our BestBear motorcycle passport with all specific technical information concerning the sold combination and a log of the 500 kilometer test drive.



When sold to the USA BestBear sidecars are sold as showroom models only and not for riding purposes, although they have passed our 500 kilometer test drive succesfully. This in regard to the american law. When sold to the USA there will still be the official motorcycle export document, the invalid Dutch license, the BestBear motorcycle passport and the test drive log.



The BestBear sidecars are being transported in crates made of certified wood which is internationally accepted. Transport costs are not included in the price of a sidecar. BestBear works with reliable transport firms which have prooven their professionalism in the past, knowing their business. The transport will be arranged up to the customs of the buyers country. The buyer himself will arrange and pay customs declarations etc. and arrange and pay the transport within his country to his address.



BestBear guarantees that a bought sidecar is upgraded by ourselves as described in the BestBear motorcycle passport and that this passport holds true information. Best Bear garantees that a bought sidecar has passed our 500 kilometer test drive succesfully, and that the test drive log holds true information. All this information will be shared with the customer before the sidecar is sold.

There is no other guaranty.
Allthough upgraded to the best achievable, BestBear's motorcycles are old motorcycles after all which already could have serviced some 50 years in perhaps harsh conditions. Like all other classic motorcycles BestBear's motorcycles need proper attention and correct maintenance to function as expected, surely under conditions as mentioned and shown on this website.


BestBear is part of Alltimers - motorcycle classics and specialises in improving two wheel drive Soviet-Russian sidecar motorcycles